04 - The Green Goddess Collection Necklace

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Greens-The Green Goddess Collection 

Our Necklaces:

The necklace, this versatile accessory is my favorite thing to create. These pieces are one of a kind and special to my heart. By using a mix of chunky and dainty beads these pieces are perfect for any occasion. They range from 15-19 inches 💋

Our Green stones are sure to have you feeling divine 

Malachite, the world’s natural dreamcatcher, absorbs negativity and is believed to help the wearer access their inner willpower and strength. Ruby-zoisite has that feeling of youth. This healing and energizing stone brings a sense of life and excitement not only to our jewelry, but your life. Variscite, often confused with turquoise, is a marbled beauty that is subtle but stunning. Jade is an ancient and elegant stone that brings tranquility and serenity. Its iconic look has been a staple in countries like China and Guatemala. Prehnite inspires you to listen to your heart. Much like meditation this stone brings you balance, harmony, and inner peace. While the stone is calming, its appearance is remarkable. Peridot is the stone of positivity and optimism! It is believed to increase mood and how your body feels in many ways. The variety of emerald green necklaces, bracelets, and earrings may just sweep you up in a tornado of beauty and take you all the way to Oz!




Everything is Artist Choice ❤️

Here at GP Jewelry I make each piece by hand. This means that your piece is a one of a kind work of art. Not all pieces will look identical, but you can smile knowing that each is made with quality stones and materials, dedication and precision, and lots of love.