About Gerri

For my entire life I have absolutely, positively loved art and anything artistic and that was my major in college. ❤️

Fast forward to my first job. Believe it or not, it was in advertising! It was my job to create amazing cartoons for the Los Angeles times in 1984 😎


I can't tell you how proud I was to do that! I felt like such a "big dog" 💪🏾

I continued to do drawings and designs which led me to found a my own screen printing company where my skills in the cartooning world paid off - It allowed my creativeity to shine! ❤️

It's funny because I started in Jewelry quite by accident when I was buying pieces to go with my screen printed gear at some various festivals and rallies -- I didn’t like the way the jewelry looked so I ended up taking apart everything and re-creating my own 🤣

People were WOW'D by what I did! That's when I realized people love my whimsical frivolous creations 😇 
I went on to hand making custom jewelry and moving into higher end art shows in  1998 and I’ve been designing ever since! 🙌

Creativity and art make me happy. I’ve played in many art mediums - I love painting and free form clay, mixed media and have dabbled in glass and glass bead making. It's all so exciting! 🎉

I can't wait to WOW you with one of my hand crafted creations!