07 - The Bohemian Blue Collection Necklace

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The Bohemian Blue Collection 

Our Necklaces:

The necklace, this versatile accessory is my favorite thing to create. These pieces are one of a kind and special to my heart. By using a mix of chunky and dainty beads these pieces are perfect for any occasion. They range from 15-19 inches 💋

Dive into the tranquil waters of our beaming blue stones in the bohemian blue collection. 

Indicolite is a crystal that resembles the Blue Grotto of Capri. This stunning crystal is beautiful paired with other stones or stands as a statement on its own. Lapis revives intuition, inner truth and intimacy. Linked to the ancient Egyptians, this stone says royalty. It truly makes you the pharaoh of your life. Opals are like the coral reef of our collection. This stone is one that amplifies your emotions and will have you feeling the ocean of your aura. Sodalite is a refreshing speckled stone that is said to grant deeper insight into the waters of your mind. Kyanite, with a variety of colors, shines brightest in its blue form. This stone is a mood stone and is thought to help lucid dreaming. These necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other pieces may resemble the sea, but will take you to the stars!



 Everything is Artist Choice ❤️

Here at GP Jewelry I make each piece by hand. This means that your piece is a one of a kind work of art. Not all pieces will look identical, but you can smile knowing that each is made with quality stones and materials, dedication and precision, and lots of love.

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Original design from GP's studio; Made with finest authentic beads
Jewelry by GP prides itself on meeting strict health standards. Our products are considered lead free, nickel free, and allergy free, complying with California Proposition 65 and European entry 27 of Annex XVII to REACH.